Join us to learn how you can leverage diversity and text complexity in your classroom!

Dr. Alfred W. Tatum once said “out of all the texts in the world, why do I want to put this text in front of my students at this time?” We know that students do not read or write in a vacuum- they spend time in literacy classrooms developing their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in response to and while making sense of texts and developing their own critical lens. How can we ensure that students are challenged in a variety of ways: through grade-level quantitative and qualitative complexity, through texts that offer both representation and new knowledge of the world, and by cultivating curiosity, inquiry, and agency? At Student Achievement Partners, we are creating a growing bank of resources meant to support educators in the work that helps us leverage diverse and complex text for instruction. 

Course Details

Who is this course for?

K-12 literacy teachers, curriculum specialists, coaches, literacy leaders.

What can I expect?

This course's on-demand content includes readings, short videos, asynchronous discussion, and opportunities to apply this work to your own context. Your learning will be organized into three asynchronous modules In total, we expect this entire course to take about 5 hours.

Educators will have the opportunity to learn virtually, try out and give input on our evolving resource bank, and examine text-based sample resources by grade level bands.

If you'd like to do this course alongside colleagues - that's great! Plan to pace activities within the course for independent completion and then engage in discussion at a PLC or meeting.

How long do I have to complete the course?

This course will open on 10/26/22 and all modules will be available then. Coursework for all three modules must be completed by 12/12/22 in order to receive a professional learning certificate. After that time, the course content will remain available to you, but the course will no longer be monitored.

Will I get a certificate of professional learning hours?

You will receive a certificate of professional learning for 5 hours immediately after completing the course.

Please reach out to your school district to ensure they will accept these certificates.

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